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albuquerquedowntownnightYou could also call this heading "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." Here at StevenMadigan.com we believe in white hat SEO. We have found over the years that this process works the best and lasts the longest.

We have tried the black and grey hat SEO in the past and they both work and continue to work to this day. They will probably work going forward, but the real question is for how long and that is the chance that we are not willing to guess about.

We want to work with something that is going to work for years and even decades into the future. Can we guarantee that this will happen, no we can't, nor can anyone else. If they tell you that they can, they are lying to you. But we can tell you that white hat is the best and safest bet going forward and has proven itself safe over the years past.

Now don't get us wrong, things in SEO change constantly and Google is making changes almost daily. Most are changes that we can't tell, but the big ones do have a major effect on SEO and can effect websites across the net, and in a lot of cases it does. It takes down thousands of sites when these changes occur.

The nice part is that StevenMadigan.com knows how to stay within the system that Google lays out and working in this system has us being less effected than most sites. In most cases our clients never even tell that a Google update has occured. Their rankings remain in tact even after the updates have occured. This is great for our clients, our affiliates sites (continue to make money) and our SEO procedures continue to work after the Google update.

Stick with us and we will navigate the ever changing times in SEO, and your success is our success. We want nothing less that your site to continue to remain at the top of the search engines right where they were before the Google update.

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